Evil Hypnotists Putting Thier Victims into Trances and Stealing Their Money (Video)

Police in Russian town Stavropol is trying to track down two male robbers who are using hypnosis to steal the money from their victims.

According to Stavropolye.tv and Metro, two crooks have deceived nine old people in just a month, with 82-year-old Mayra Sovic being their first victim.

Fraudsters have met her on the street and persuaded her to withdraw all the money from the savings account.

“‘I remember this man coming up to me and saying he desperately needed money and I would help him. The next day my bank manager told me I had withdrawn my life savings,” said poor lady.

In the footage one of them is seen convincing an elderly gentleman who has been put into a trance to withdraw money.

“He approaches them before they go to the counter and hypnotises them into withdrawing every penny,” said Andrei Tolstoy, of Stavropol police.