Take a Look at Superbus, the Future of Public Transport (Video)

It’s called the Superbus, and according to a design team at TU Delft University of Technology in Holland, it’s going to revolutionalize public transport one day.

The Superbus drives 250 kms per hour (155mph) and is fully electric. It is capable of carrying 23 passengers and is 15 metres long.

While it is designed to be light on the planet, it’s heavy on technology. It boasts navigation system, obstacle detection, communication system, fail safe system and control system, plus all the seat belts, airbags, TV, internet, air-conditioning, heating, etc you’d expect from an electric stretch limo.

The Dutch have already examined the possibility of linking Amsterdam and Groningen with special highway (it will need a dedicated road system to make use of all that power), and the designers are eyeing the United Arab Emirates as the first customer outside Europe, reports The Register.

If it does one day hit the streets, passengers will be able to call for a taxi-style pick-up without leaving the comfort of their own home.

“Superbus will have an intelligent routing system rather than a fixed schedule. Commuters will book online or with their mobile phone, and the bus picks them up and drops them at their desired location,” explained Antonia Terzi, chief designer and former chief aerodynamicist of the BMW-Williams Formula 1 team.