Trendy Monkeys Keep on Stealing Zoo Visitors’ Sunglasses (Video)

If you want to meet a real beasts of fashion, look no further, ZSL London Zoo’s is the right place.

Bolivian squirrel monkeys have been robbing visitors’ sunglasses since the sun first came out last week and they are causing so much of a problem that keepers have decided to train them not to be so on trend.

The group of 18 fashionistas, who live in a no barrier enclosure, will be given sunglasses with bitter apple smeared on them in a bid to stop them from being so light-fingered this summer.

“They don’t like the taste of anything sour so we are going to put bitter apple on the sunglasses – we hope this will be enough to keep visitors’ eyewear safe this summer,” said Tracy Lee, Mammals South Team Leader.

It’s not the first time the pesky primates have taken a like to visitors’ belongings; four years ago they were obsessed with stealing peoples’ mobile phones.

Via: The London Zoo