Man Seeks Help for ‘Sick Friend’, Which is Actually a Decomposing Corpse

Espanola car

A New Mexico man went to the hospital to get help for his sick friend, but ER workers found a decomposing body in his car instead. Police say Jerry Maestas, 64, drove up to an Espanola hospital with the body of Amy Marquez, 33, propped up in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

When hospital workers approached the car, they could smell the 33-year-old woman before they saw her.

“They found some early stages of decomposition …. and also the smell they detected when they walked up to the vehicle,” explained Jeremy Apodaca with the Espanola Police Department.

KOB-TV reports that the woman may have been dead for 24 to 36 hours, and Maestas will face charges of failing to report her death.