Maria Jose Cristerna is the ‘Vampire Woman’ (Video)

Maria Hose Cristerna

Maria Jose Cristerna. Image source:

Maria Jose Cristerna, also known as the ‘Vampire Woman'( Mujer Vampiro) showed off her look at the “Expo Tatuaje” international tattoo exhibition in Monterrey.

35-year- old Mexican tattoo artist said constant beatings and domestic abuse triggered her reinvention and led her to tattoo nearly 100 percent of her body – and that’s not all. She also has multiple face piercings and titanium implants to create “horns” under the skin on her temples and forehead.

The mum-of-four has even had dental implants to create “fangs” to complete her look — but claims to live a “normal life”.

Maria said: “The horns I have are a symbol of strength and were implanted without anesthetic. I had the fangs done because I loved vampires as a little girl and I changed the color of my eyes so they were how I really wanted them to be.”

And her transformation is not yet complete — she plans to have two more titanium implants added to the back of her head.

She said: “Tattooing is my way of being immortal, of really being a vampire and not dying – leaving my work on other people’s skin.”

Vampire Woman

Maria Jose Cristerna. Image source: