Woman Happy With Life in 90-square-foot Apartment (Video)

Felice Cohen, a 40-year-old professional organiser, who squeezed her life into a 90-square-ft home, says the last three years spent in such a small apartment have been a joy.

Ms Cohen explained to Daily Mail she wanted to live in Manhattan, but didn’t want to spend all of her money on rent. Manhattan’s Upper West Side apartments rent for an average of $3,600 per month, but she pays just over $700.

“It’s a great location, it’s right near Central Park. Sure, there were some compromises, but it was worth it”.

Ms Cohen was inspired by her father, a bankruptcy attorney, who taught her that you don’t acquire what you can’t afford. She said she loves not having the pressure of high rent and has squeezed as many as nine people into the flat when family have come to visit.