Sumo Wrestler Hopes to Finish L.A. Marathon (Video)

Kelly Gneiting, 405-lb (184 kg) professional sumo wrestler who won three U.S. titles, hopes to complete the Los Angeles race on Sunday and break the Guinness World Record for the heaviest person to finish a marathon.

The Fat Man, and that’s what he calls himself, says he wants to do it as an inspiration to “people who are overweight, have low self-esteem and think they can’t achieve things”.

“Big people can do the unimaginable,” he said for Los Angeles Times and continued:

“I don’t care if I am going to have to crawl to the finish, I don’t care if I am going to end up handicapped afterward, I am going to finish a marathon. I have to prove to myself I can do this.”

Gneiting completed the LA marathon in 2008 but was not in contact with the Guinness World Record authorities. The 2008 L.A. Marathon was his first race of any kind. With almost no training, he lumbered through the course — stopping, sitting, walking for the final half, but he finished in just under 12 hours — nearly 10 hours after the first runners.

“Last time it took me 11 hours, 45 minutes, an now I’m aiming to finish in less than nine hours”.

Well, good luck Kelly!