Euthanized Oklahoma Puppy Comes Back from Dead (Video)

euthanized puppy

A three-month-old puppy in Oklahoma came back from the dead after being euthanized at a Sulphur animal shelter, despite the fact that he was declared dead and left in a dumpster.

‘Wall-e’ (named for the lovable movie character who was the last of his kind), along with the rest of his litter, was left outside the Sulphur dog shelter. He and his litter-mates were put to sleep because they appeared to be very sick. The vet checked their pulse and declared every one dead. But the next morning, Animal Control Officer Scott Prall looked in the dumpster and saw Wall-e wandering around.

“He was just as healthy as he could be,” Prall said.

The Arbuckle Veterinary clinic took Wall-E in and checked him out.

“Listened to his heart,” Prall said, “He’s fine.” Thanks to the Internet and Facebook, Wall-E’s story has gone viral. And the clinic has been inundated with people from across the country and even Canada who want to give this dog’s tale a happy ending.

“He needs a really special home, because he’s really special,” Prall said.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any animals at the Sulphur clinic you can call Scott at 580-618-3204 or Amanda at 817-266-1901. Pictures of the dogs are posted on