Top 50 Videos of 2010 - Best of the Best

omg cat, shocked kitty

It’s that time of the year again, time to look back at what made us laugh and which videos were shared the most in 2010. All the relevant websites already made their lists of best viral videos of 2010., but being a self-proclaimed expert in the viral video field, I thought there is nothing wrong with making one of my own, just because. Like any “best of” video list, this one is also very subjective, though I really think you guys should have seen all of these. In case you missed something, here they are, in no particular order – top 50 of the best viral videos of 2010.

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1. How to Cuddle With an Elephant Seal. Because walruses didn’t make the cut.

2. OMG Shocked Cat

3. HayBob Squarepants  a.k.a  Hay Baling Fun

4. Standing Cat or, just to make it more epic, Puss in Boots!

5. Unicorn Girl After Wisdom Teeth

6. Forty-ton Whale Lands on Yacht

7.  Slap, Tap, BAM!

8. Sonic Boom Meets Sun Dog and bends space in front of your eyes

9. Double Rainbow Guy

10.  Walk on Water (Liquid Mountaineering)

11.  Batman Pug

12. Underwater Base Jumping, Guillaume Nery at Dean’s Blue Hole

13. Trololo

14. Worst Wedding DJ EVER!

15. Bob Marley Baby

16. Pants On The Ground

17. Best Worst Athlete Hurlder Ever!

18. 3 Year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber

19. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Parrot

20.Nanaimo Fire Guy

21. You Dun Goofed Up! Backstory here.

22. Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife by Bed Intruder Guy a.k.a. Antoine Dodson

23. Sad Cat Gives a Cardiac Massage to His Injured Girlfriend

24. Squirrel Protects Dead Friend’s Body from Crows

25. Wasted Guy at Coachella 2010

26. Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey

27. Vicious Barking Dog Man in Australia

28. Tiger Ballet a.k.a. Quitting Your Job With Style

29. Embrace Life

30. Shocked White Rat Mouse

31. Fainting Goat Kittens

32. Snowpocalypse Now!

33.Wheel of Fortune – I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This

34. Danny MacAskill Sick Bicycle Skills  – “Way Back Home”

35. Secret Kitten.

36. Cranbrook Momma Deer KIcks Dogs Ass

37. Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) – Parry Gripp

38. Watermelon Baby

39. Dog Mowing Lawn

40. Techno dog

41.Evil Hamster

42. Bango’s Insane Playoff Stunt

43. Cutest Puppy Ever!

44. Go ! Bwaaah !

45. Old Spice Man

46. Epic Reaction To Miss Philippines Venus Raj

47. Russian Girl Launched to Sky on Blob

48. Best Cry Ever

49. Scarface School Play

50. Driscoll Middle School Trick Play

51. Big Booty Bitches. Yes. I lied! It’s not really top 50 best videos of 2010 list – it’s 51! Actually, these two guys recorded Big Booty Bitches in 2008 and somehow got lost in the intertubes. 2010 corrected that mistake!