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Baby and Howl Together

Baby and Howl Together »

After this?baby started hollering, their dog followed and howled along with them. It was an endless cycle of imitation as…

Chameleon Attacks with Tongue

Chameleon Attacks with Tongue »

This cranky chameleon didn’t like it when a human tried to film him sleeping on a branch. So in retaliation,…

Woman Sings Song at Church Praising Food

Woman Sings Song at Church Praising Food »

This woman stood in front?of a church congregation and began to preach. She then transitioned into a song praising food…

Dog Loves Fringe

Dog Loves Fringe »

This dog loved the feeling of fringes tickling its back. When it spotted its owner’s bag hanging nearby, he slowly…

Bird Jumps off Roof

Bird Jumps off Roof »

This pigeon stood on the edge of a roof of a building and looked down at the snow-covered ground.?He then…

Cat Closes and Opens Paws

Cat Closes and Opens Paws »

While this cat laid in his owner’s lap, he started to open and close his paws. He continued doing his?strange…

Dog Talks

Dog Talks »

Dolly the dog was put under the spotlight and was tasked to speak in front of a group of people….

Baby Girl Doesn't Like Yogurt

Baby Girl Doesn’t Like Yogurt »

This baby girl was excited to try out some new food. However, after having a spoonful of yogurt, she immediately…

Guys Dive Into Swamp

Guys Dive Into Swamp »

These guys dove into the moss of a swamp. After diving through, they all disappeared on after the other.?

Goat Makes Weird Noises

Goat Makes Weird Noises »

This goat was making weird noises when his owner was nearby. He blew raspberries and howled like a tired wolf…