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Cat Enjoys a Bath in Sink (Video)

Cat Enjoys a Bath in Sink (Video) »

A cat takes a bath in a bathroom sink, splashing water on himself….

Cat Interrupts Pole Dance (Video)

Cat Interrupts Pole Dance (Video) »

Minty the cat makes a guest appearance during a warm up pole dance and gets dragged away. Waaait for it……

Daredevil Cat Does Handstand (Video)

Daredevil Cat Does Handstand (Video) »

A fearless acrobatic cat does a handstand on a…

Trapeze Kitty (Video)

Trapeze Kitty (Video) »

This funny trapeze cat does some serious acrobatic stunts while…

Scaredy Cat Jumps High (Video)

Scaredy Cat Jumps High (Video) »

Gram the scaredy cat can jump really really high in the air……

Kitten Falls on Cue (Video)

Kitten Falls on Cue (Video) »

A cute kitten falls down as soon as the guy says: kitty!…

Basketball Cat Plays Defense (Video)

Basketball Cat Plays Defense (Video) »

De-fense! De- fense!…

Cat Carries a Plastic Bag Home after Shopping (Video)

Cat Carries a Plastic Bag Home after Shopping (Video) »

After shopping for groceries at a local store, this Russian cat returns home carrying a plastic bag filled with goodies……

Cat vs Hairdryer (Video)

Cat vs Hairdryer (Video) »

A cat fights a hairdryer but her resistance is futile……

Kitten Crunches (Video)

Kitten Crunches (Video) »

No, it’s not a new brand of cat food. This…