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Hungry Greyhound Jumps for Food (Video)

Hungry Greyhound Jumps for Food (Video) »

Domino the Italian Greyhound is VERY hungry and can’t wait for his food! Watch him jump from joy as his…

Hungry Tiger (Video)

Hungry Tiger (Video) »

Here kitty, kitty… You only need to watch the first 12 seconds of the video. It’s awesome, but kinda scary:…

Stephen Fry Bottle Feeding a Baby Rhino (Video) »

O-M-G…mother of all things cute!…

Cute Bouncing Bat (Video)

Cute Bouncing Bat (Video) »

Meet Millie, a Mexican free-tailed bat who’s excited bouncing will convince you that bats can be cute….

Real Life Simon’s Cat (Video)

Real Life Simon’s Cat (Video) »

Peefer the cat is hungry so he does his best to wake up his sleeping owner Nick. You know, like…

Lots of Hungry Cats! (Video)

Lots of Hungry Cats! (Video) »

By lots of I mean like ‘crazy-cat-lady’ lot. This video raises so many questions: why are those cats this hungry,…