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Colony of Ants Devour Cupcakes

Colony of Ants Devour Cupcakes »

While celebrating the Fourth of July holiday at the lake, this woman baked colorful cupcakes to make the celebration extra…

Little Girl Finds out She's Going to Be a Big Sister

Little Girl Finds out She’s Going to Be a Big Sister »

This little girl’s mom surprised her with some ice cream when they went out to eat. However, she discovered some…

Dog Goes Trick-or-Treating

Dog Goes Trick-or-Treating »

This dog loved Halloween. He put on a ghost costume and went around the neighborhood asking for candy. However, when…

Woman Can't Cook Lobster

Woman Can’t Cook Lobster »

This woman wanted to eat lobster for New Years Eve. She tried to move a couple of them from a…

Toddler Still Eats Even Thought They're Tired

Toddler Still Eats Even Thought They’re Tired »

This toddler was tired after having an exciting day. His parents took him to a restaurant to eat before he…

Guy Gets Pranked in Lake

Guy Gets Pranked in Lake »

These guys frequently visit this lake and they invited their friend to come along for the first time. When he…

Pets Eating Dessert

Pets Eating Dessert »

They’re not counting calories… and neither are we!Video courtesy of Jukin Media

Kid Feeds Baby Cow

Kid Feeds Baby Cow »

This little guy wanted to get a head start on getting the chores done for the day. He grabbed a…

Raccoons Eat Snacks

Raccoons Eat Snacks »

This raccoon looked like a human with his shirt on a eating snacks off a plate. His friend tried to…

Snake Found in Lettuce

Snake Found in Lettuce »

This woman just wanted to use the lettuce she bought at the market. However, she discovered a small snake living…