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Peacock Spider Dances Around

Peacock Spider Dances Around »

This four to five-millimeter male peacock spider crawled left to right. He raised his abdomen and fanned out his flaps….

Cat Slowly Peeks Behind Bed

Cat Slowly Peeks Behind Bed »

A cat slowly peeked his head over the bed to look at the camera. ?As he crept up into view,…

Kid in Halloween Mask Shows off Scooter Tricks

Kid in Halloween Mask Shows off Scooter Tricks »

To get in the creepy, Halloween spirit, this scooter rider donned a spooky mask and showed off his best tricks…

Spider Climbs Up Man's Face

Spider Climbs Up Man’s Face »

This man seemed completely relaxed despite the fact that he had a giant spider slowly climbing up his face. He…

Dog Creeps Behind Owner

Dog Creeps Behind Owner »

While this pet owner was looking away, his dog, Roxie, eyeballed him intently from behind his back; however, when he…

Weird New Breed of Pit Bulls (Video)

Weird New Breed of Pit Bulls (Video) »

A sleeping pit bull looks like some strange fish or lizard with the help of some googly eyes……

Good Boy Raven (Video)

Good Boy Raven (Video) »

Who’s a creepy boy?…

Pallas’ Cat vs Camera (Video)

Pallas’ Cat vs Camera (Video) »

A pallas’ cat inspects a camera, things go from funny to kinda creepy pretty fast……

Pet Raven Torments Tenants (Video)

Pet Raven Torments Tenants (Video) »

Toby the Raven spends its time tormenting his owner’s tenants by repeating his own name, tapping on windows and destroying…

Cat Peeking over Bed (Video)

Cat Peeking over Bed (Video) »

A curious cat slowly peeks over bed, looking all wide-eyed……