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Budgie vs Toy Doppelganger (Video)

Budgie vs Toy Doppelganger (Video) »

P-Chan the Parakeet gets confused by a toy that looks exactly like him……

Budgie Rides in RC Dump Truck (Video)

Budgie Rides in RC Dump Truck (Video) »

Franky the Blue Parakeet has fun riding around the room in his human Jack’s remote-controlled dump truck……

Parrotlet vs Cup (Video)

Parrotlet vs Cup (Video) »

Dax the Parrotlet attacks a plastic cup……

Adorable Talking Parakeet (Video)

Adorable Talking Parakeet (Video) »

Scuttle the Parakeet talks sweet nothings to a finger and gives it lots of kisses…

Budgie Kissing Dance (Video)

Budgie Kissing Dance (Video) »

P-chan the budgie loves his toy……

Cat and Parakeet Chasing Laser Pointer (Video)

Cat and Parakeet Chasing Laser Pointer (Video) »

Mortal enemies join forces to catch the elusive red dot……

Perfect Polly Pet Infomercial (Video)

Perfect Polly Pet Infomercial (Video) »

‘Perfect Polly is so amazingly lifelike you’ll ALMOST believe it’s real.’…

Budgie vs Kittens (Video)

Budgie vs Kittens (Video) »

A blue budgie pecking kittens on the nose. Or giving them kisses? Either way it’s really cute….

R2D2 Budgie (Video)

R2D2 Budgie (Video) »

A blue budgie does a spot-on impression of R2-D2….

Super Relaxed Kitty (Video)

Super Relaxed Kitty (Video) »

Chama the cat is enjoying his beauty sleep while U-chan the parakeet…