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Bearded Dragon Climbing Fail (Video)

Bearded Dragon Climbing Fail (Video) »

A bearded dragon tries to climb the fire place, only to fail at the final hurdle. And then she acts…

Bearded Dragon Riding Tortoise (Video)

Bearded Dragon Riding Tortoise (Video) »

A bearded dragon called Eddy Lizzard rides his buddy R.V the leopard tortoise around the room….

Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher (Video)

Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher (Video) »

A bearded dragon shows off his Ant Crusher game playing skills….

Cat Cuddles With Lizard (Video)

Cat Cuddles With Lizard (Video) »

Puppet the cat and Puff the lizard, a Bearded Dragon to be precise, love to cuddle with each other….