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Guy Pulls Dog Out of Water When Canoeing

Guy Pulls Dog Out of Water When Canoeing »

This guy was canoeing when his dog fell out. With one quick swoop, he retrieved her out and put her…

Dog Meets Newborn Baby

Dog Meets Newborn Baby »

Stella the dog was excited to meet the newest member of the family: a newborn baby girl. As soon as…

Dog Opens Wrapped Presents

Dog Opens Wrapped Presents »

This dog was given two wrapped presents on his birthday. He began to open it with his teeth on his…

Cat Licks Own Chest

Cat Licks Own Chest »

This silly cat has a sign to show when her back is itchy. She begins to continuously lick her chest.?

Golden Retriever Feeds Lamb

Golden Retriever Feeds Lamb »

Bracken the three-year-old golden retriever thought he’d help out around the farm and feed the animals. He grabbed a bottle…

Woodpecker Hitches a Ride

Woodpecker Hitches a Ride »

This woodpecker wanted to get around the city. However, instead of flying in the rain, it hopped on a guy’s…

Deer Rolls Ball With Antlers

Deer Rolls Ball With Antlers »

This family noticed they had some visitors in their backyard. One of them found a ball and started pushing it…

Kitty Begs for Food

Kitty Begs for Food »

This cat loved to eat food. Every time she spotted her owner about to pour some in her bowl, she…

Horse Plays with Cat

Horse Plays with Cat »

Tin Tin the cat was just lounging under the sun when his horse pal Mac came up to him to…

Tortoise Eats Hibiscus Flower

Tortoise Eats Hibiscus Flower »

This albino tortoise went up to a hibiscus flower and began to chew on it. He really enjoyed the taste…