Duncan Lou Who the Two-legged Boxer Puppy (Video)

Duncan Lou Who the Two-legged Boxer Puppy

Meet Duncan Lou Who, a 16-week-old boxer puppy with only two legs. Duncan was born with severely deformed rear legs and pelvis. The bones in his legs were completely fused and beyond the help of corrective surgery, so last month the puppy had his hind legs amputated.

Here’s what Panda Paws Rescue says in their video description:

Duncan Lou Who doesn’t let his unique differences slow him down & he doesn’t know he is any different. He is now 16 weeks old, does physical therapy every day to correct the damage to his spine since birth, is regularly going to be doing hydrotherapy for life to help support his muscles and he also has a custom wheelchair to give him a second option of mobility. Duncan Lou Who is on a mission… to inspire YOU!

via Jezebel