Pianist Dog Sings the Blues (Video)

Dog Musician

Except the now famous Tucker the schnoodle, this dog (a beagle?) is probably the most talented canine singer/piano player out there. Tucker started his internet rise to viral-video stardom right here on Daily Picks and Flicks, and I predict a bright future for this little fella too.

I try my best to always post the original video, so email me if you happen to know it’s location. I’ve spend 3 hours in the last two days searching for it on Youtube by using several different languages, but to no avail.

So far I know that the clip started doing rounds couple days ago after it was posted on a video ripping website called the Wimp. I first stumbled on it here, while searching for something else, and Arbroath already posted a different copy couple hours ago.
EDIT: The search is over. The video posted now is THE ORIGINAL video. The dog’s name is Peetu.