NeverWet Superhydrophobic Spray-On Coating (Video)

NeverWet Spray Demo

NeverWet is an amazing, silicon-based, superhydrophobic spray-on coating that repels water and heavy oils with great efficiency. Water simply glides of the surface after you spray it with NeverWet.

However, it is much more than just a liquid repellent. Surfaces that are sprayed with NeverWet repel ice, corrosion, and even bacteria. The company behind the product, Ross Nanotechnologies, says on its Web site that the material does not fade in strength from blasts of high pressure. In fact, it even states that NeverWet-infused materials “have remained under seawater for over a year and reemerged completely dry.”

A video by the company also demonstrates something unbelievable: a waterproof iPhone. The video shows an iPhone covered in NeverWet, sitting in a bowl of water for 30 minutes, remaining fully functional the entire time it is submerged.

via Dvorak