Meet Jip, Dart Playing Dog (Video)

Jip, an 18 month old border collie trained by landlord and dog lover Kenneth Hughes from Rochdale, UK, is certainly no ordinary dog.

Jip is official “The Royds Arms” mascot and an honorary member of the pub’s darts team because she just loves to play the game. She retrieves the darts from the dartboard by leaping into the air and then she places them at the feet of the next player ready to fetch again.

And that’s just one of Jip’s many talents. Mimicking customers, this incredibly smart dog also likes to order a pint of beer, pretending to put her money on the bar by placing her paw next to the pint after being served and having a cheeky lick of the head.

She also amuses drinkers with her coin finding skills – sniffing out money hidden or rolled into different rooms in the pub and faithfully returning them to the owner.

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Spotted at: Nothing to do With Arbroath