Did You Know: Italian Flag

Did you know that the national flag of Italy was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte?

The Italian flag is based on the French tricolore, although the original Italian flag had horizontal bands.

The first vertical tricolore was introduced in 1798, but was initially used only until 1802 before it was taken out of commission.

The vertical bands on the Italian flag are green, white, and red.  While there is not much lore to explain why the color red was chosen, it’s said that green was chosen because it was Napoleon’s favorite color.

Napoleon himself described the colors in his message to the “Direttorio” dated October 11, 1796, in reference to the donstitution of the Lombard Legion.

The original Italian tricolore featured the coat of arms from the House of Savoy, but this was removed and the current flag officially adopted in 1946, when the Italian monarchy ended.