Did You Know: Illegal to Die

Did you know there is a town in Spain where it is illegal to die?

Nope, we’re not joking. If you go there and die, you might be sentenced to the death penalty! (ok, now we’re joking).

Prohibition of death is a political social phenomenon and taboo in which a law is passed stating that it is illegal to die, usually specifically in a certain political division or in a specific building.

The earliest case of prohibition of death occurred in the 5th century BC, in the Greek island of Delos; dying on Delos was prohibited on religious grounds.

According to Wikipedia, today, in most cases, the phenomenon has occurred as a satirical protest to the posture of the governments of not approving the expansion of municipal cemeteries with no more space for additional corpses.

In Spain one town has prohibited death, in France there have been several cities which have had death forbbiden, whilst in a town — Biritiba Mirim— in Brazil, an attempt to prohibit is currently taking place.

Death has been prohibited in the Andalucian town of Lanjarón. The city, with 4,000 inhabitants, is to remain with this law until the government buys land for a new cemetery.

The mayor who issued the edict explains that the awkward new law is his response to politicians urging him to do a quick fix of a long lasting problem, specifically describing his own bylaw as “absurd … to counter an absurd situation”.