Girl Saves Suicidal Boy With a Kiss (Video)

Liu Wenxiu, a 19-year-old waitress from Shenzhen, has been praised for stopping a 16-year-old boy from committing suicide with a simple kiss.

Liu was passing by a pedestrian bridge in downtown Shenzhen when she spotted hundreds of onlookers watching a young man with a knife in his hand, threatening to jump.

She managed to get close to the boy by telling the police that she was his girlfriend and also the reason for his attempt to commit suicide.

According to local television, the boy’s mother had passed away, his stepmother didn’t treat him well and she left with all his father’s money.

“He told me he didn’t have a home anymore, nobody cared about him and no one trusted him. I showed him the scars on my right wrist as I used to be suicidal too because nobody in my family was happy. That boy, he was like a younger me. He had to be saved – because I’ve been there before and I knew exactly how it was,” said Liu.

The negotiation on the bridge ended like a romantic movie when Liu hugged the boy and kissed him unexpectedly. Police took advantage of the situation to take away the boy’s knife and pull him inside the handrail of the bridge.

Liu left after the rescue, but local police needed her help again because the boy refused to reveal his story without her presence, reports Asia One.