Monkey Business in Virginia Courthouse

marmoset Kara in courtImage source.

A woman came to Amherst County Circuit Court  with a tiny monkey tucked into her bra, dressed in diapers and a white dress with pink flowers.

“You couldn’t make up something like this,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Maddox.

The unusual event occurred when the woman arrived for a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court.

Officials said they had no idea the woman had the monkey until the she went into an office for a routine procedure to fill out court-related paperwork.

When the woman referred to a daughter, a puzzled official asked where the daughter was and the woman pulled the monkey out of her bra.

In an interview with The News & Advance of Lynchburg, the woman said she bought the 7 week old marmoset on an online auction site and had its clothes specially made in West Virginia.

One official asked why the woman had the monkey in her bra. The answer: “Well, would you leave your child at home? She has to be close to me.”

Asked who let the monkey through the metal detector, deputies quipped: “It wasn’t armed.