Charlie, aka Lord Voldemort Cat, Finally Finds A New Home (Video)

The 14-year-old Charlie, the cat that looks like Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, has finally found a new owner.

Poor thing had a trouble finding home because people were disturbed by his lack of ears and nose, which vets had to remove in a bid to clear him of skin cancer.

Marie Loveridge, who looked after Charlie at The Blue Cross adoption centre in Southampton, described him as ‘a lovely, playful cat who adores attention’.

Despite his unusual looks, thousands fell in love with Charlie – aka Lord Voldemort – but it’s Sarah Gaden from Worthing, West Sussex, who is the cat’s proud new owner, reports Metro.

‘When I read his heart-breaking story I fell in love with him immediately and was desperate to give him a loving home.’, she said.