Woman Sues Dairy Company Over Exploding Milk That Severely Burned Her Face

milk burned face

Gabriela Hotko after the accident

Gabriela Hotko, a 56 year old Slovenian woman was severely burned by exploding milk . She is consequently suing the manufacturer, Ljubljana dairy, for 30,000 euros. The victim states that the warning on the milk carton was not clear.

Three years ago Garbriela bought Alpine milk from Ljubljana dairy to prepare an oatmeal-type meal. She poured some milk into a pot and placed it on the stove to cook.

At one point there was an explosion and she thought it must have been a propane tank, that was used to fuel the stove. Then she looked up at the ceiling and saw that everything was white, and realized that it was the milk that had exploded. After the initial shock of the situation passed, the pain flooded over her as she realized that her face and chest had been severely burned.

Gabriela Hotko's kitchen

Gabriela Hotko present, showing her kitchen

Flash forward to now, Gabriela underwent weeks of therapy and is leading a normal life after making a full recovery. Since she bought the milk at a Mercator chain store, she decided to sue them as well as the Ljubljana dairy. She was asking for 30,000 euros in damages, and she lost the case.

Gabriela decided to appeal that decision and continue fighting. For Slovenian POP TV she stated that the milk carton warns that, “the milk needs to be stirred, if cooked.”, and she is not happy because that warning is not distinguished enough and it does not say that explosion is possible.

Ljubljana dairy representatives say that while heating milk a membrane forms which traps the fumes, and therefore the milk can explode. They also say that there have been seven similar cases, all of which have been settled out of court.