Minnesota Woman Tried To Mail Live Puppy In Sealed Box

minneapolis puppy Guess

Stacey Champion, 39, tried to mail the 4-month-old dog from Minneapolis, to Atlanta, in a package with no food, water or air holes.

She told staff to be careful with the package – but did not reveal it contained a dog. Employees grew suspicious when the box began moving and making panting noises.

After they opened the box they found a schnauzer-poodle mix. The “cardboard coffin” did not have any holes to allow in air and staff said the puppy called Guess was panting hard when released and in need of water.

If postal workers hadn’t found the animal, it would have died in the airplane’s unheated and non-pressurized cargo hold, officials say.

Champion has been charged with animal cruelty. Authorities say she hasn’t said why she thought she could send a dog through the mail — or why she didn’t tell postal workers about the box’s contents. She has, however, asked for a refund of the $22 postage that she paid.

Guess was taken to the city’s animal control facility where he will be put up for adoption.