Mild Punishment for Germany’s Dumbest Bank Robber

Germany’s Dumbest Bank Robber

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A teenager dubbed “the dumbest bank robber in Germany” was sentenced to two years probation. The 19 year old from Mulfingen Germany, armed with a knife wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, robbed a bank in Röttingen where he made off with 2500 euros.

Initially his heist was successful, it wasn’t until he became angered by inaccurate reports of the robbery by police and newspapers that he felt compelled to send them indignant e-mails with his corrections. While his correspondence might have served to clear up the public record of his robbery, they also led cops right to his doorstep.

After reading news stories about his heist, the 19 year old David. S., wrote to the police and two newspapers to mock them for getting his age, height, mode of escape and accent wrong. He sent the e-mails from [email protected] which translates to [email protected] He was apprehended within a few hours of sending the e-mails.

The email that tipped off the police.