Man Jailed for Pooping On Store Floor

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A man who defecated on the floor of a shop in eastern Sweden has been sentenced to prison.

The incident took place in November 2010 when the 45-year-old man was visiting a shop in the town of Finspång, located about 30 kilometres west of Norrköping.

When nature called, the man asked a store employee if he could use the toilet, the local Norrköpings-Tidning newspaper reported.

But the store employee explained that health regulations prohibited customers from using the store toilet, news which prompted the man to take drastic measures.

“He pulled down his pants, squatted on the floor and pooped,” the 21-year-old female cashier said in court during the 45-year-old’s trial, according to the newspaper.

The cashier explained further that the man proceeded to insult her while he relieved himself on the floor of the store.

After he’d finished his business, the 45-year-old left the store, snatching some candy on the way, and leaving behind a pile of excrement and his dirty undies, according to the cashier.

The man was charged with shoplifting, assault, molestation, as well as interference in a judicial matter for threatening the cashier on two other occasions.

Following the hearing, the court found the man guilty of several crimes, save for the shoplifting charge, and sentenced him to eight months in prison and pay compensation to the store.

Since the man was on parole from a previous conviction at the time of the public defecation, he must now also serve two additional months in prison.