Australian Teenager Claims He Photographed Real Alien - Again! (Video)

Extraterrestrial Entity

Could this be real extraterrestrial entity or is it just another hoax or prank? The 16-year-old Alex Player says these photos were taken at 11.30pm on the 19/1/2011 in Bilambil Heights, NSW Australia and believes he photographed real alien – again!

Player released several other videos in the past with this one being the most interesting.

““The first time I saw it was the clearest. It was not that tall – only as high as the grass – and a grey colour with a big head. It didn’t make a single sound. I’m a believer but I have never seen anything like this before. I’m open to the idea.”

Alex also claimed the being entered his home on one occasion.

“In early November it came into the house. I think it came from my mum’s room and through the house. My mum and I sat in my room. It moved through the house in two minutes. Then we heard a thud outside, like it was jumping off the veranda,” he said back in December for Tweed Daily News.

Via: Phantoms & Monsters