13-year-old Girl Had Sex With Three Older Boys in Exchange for One Cigarette

sad teenage girl

Image source: safenetwork.org

An investigation is under way into an alleged incident where a 13-year-old school girl had sex with three older boys in exchange for a cigarette.The girl and the three boys involved in the investigation are all pupils at Craigie High School in Dundee.

A source close to the case said: “The claims are very disturbing and the school is in a state of shock. “The allegations are that the boys, who are all older, took the girl to a flat near the school. She is then meant to have been offered a single cigarette in exchange for extreme sexual activity. The school became aware when it started to get talked about in the playground. The girl is distraught.”

Pupils at the school have discussed the alleged incident on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. It is understood that police officers are examining phone footage that was taken of the alleged encounter.

Via Arbroath.