Malawian Man Cut Off His Genitals to Sell Them

knife in sink with blood dripping

Malawi Police Service have confirmed that the man, Pilirani Lazaro cut off his testicles with a sharp knife and offered them for sale at US$3 290 (500 000 Malawi Kwacha).

He claimed that he wanted to use the money to buy fertilizer for the next farming season (December to March).

Lazaro a father of one who divorced in 2009 had traveled about 50km from his Kalaza village, traditional authority Dzoole in the central district of Dowa to the capital city Lilongwe where he secretly sliced his testicle and offered them to a passerby.

Lazaro said he had heard rumors that that there is a market in the Capital City where businessmen buy human private parts.

He said he was arrested when he offered the genitals for sale to the first people he came into contact with. The police took him to hospital.

The hospital is currently keeping the genitals and doctors say they could not re-attach them.

Central Region police spokesperson John Namalenga confirmed the incident saying the law enforcers were alerted by residents in the city that a man was offering fresh human private parts for sale.

Kamuzu Central Hosiptal acting director Lawrence Chiwaula said although Lazaro looks and sounds normal, the hospital will assess him to determine if he is mentally sound.

Issues of people harvesting human private parts of others are common in Malawi but no-one knows the end users.

Others speculate that human private body parts are on a high demand by the witchdoctors used in making charms.

One case of this nature was concluded by the High Court in Blantyre which sentenced Peter Chakuamba to 20 years imprisonment with hard labor for cutting private parts of a fellow man.